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The Par 71 Golf Course at Hudson Valley Resort & Spa offers a vast range of enjoyment for new golfers and skilled players alike- this hidden gem will challenge your abilities and reward your senses with spectacular Catskills views from everywhere on the Course.

Playing over 6300 yards from the Championship tees, this Shawangunk Mountain parkland course offers multiple difficulties on Par 3’s as well as a massive 563 yard Par 5 15th hole… from the first hole to the last, it's unforgettable.

The golf course is closed for the season but we look forward to welcoming you back in the future.


Hole - By - Hole Descriptions

Hudson Valley Golf Course

Seemingly Harmless

The opening hole is a Par 4 of only 350yrds. OB on the left and right side tree lines and a deep brook running thru at the 100yrd marker. This can easily become a tough hole. This Green is tight and surrounded by bunkers, mounds, and trees

Hudson Valley Golf Course

Limbs of Eck

An uphill Par 3 with a tabletop green and an old oak tree looming over the right side of the green. This hole will test your short game with two huge bunkers in the left and right face of this green’s approach.

Hudson Valley Golf Course

The Chute

As you walk onto the tee box you are faced with a tight chute and a quick bending dogleg right. Precision is key here, as this hole is protected by bunkers and a creek running through just short of the Green. Ideal tee shot is past the corner and out on the left side of the fairway.

Hudson Valley Golf Course

Left Knee

Changes in elevation make this 406yrd Par 4 one of the hardest on the course. There is a bunker along the right side in the optimum landing area, and the green is protected by tall trees and bunkers.  Did we mention the creek, just short of the approach area?

Hudson Valley Golf Course

The Grinder

Trouble abounds off the tee, as a pond on the left and trees down the right encroach on a narrow fairway. Keep out to the left with the tee shot and watch the bunker just short of the green on your second shot.

Hudson Valley Golf Course

Straight Serenity

Keep the opening shot straight and the lake is just scenery down the left side. Under 300yrds, this brings all possibilities into play. Deep bunkers are a menace on this shorty; good course management should yield wholesome rewards.  

Hudson Valley Golf Course

Breathing Room

This is the kindest Par 3 on the course. Bunkers on the left and tall trees down the right side deliver you to a multi-level green with lots of undulations. One hazard here is getting distracted by the gorgeous view along the way.

Hudson Valley Golf Course

Hawks Revenge

This short Par 5 has multiple changes in elevation. Dropping 70 yards down and rising back up 100 yards to the plateau, this is a real player’s hole. Top of the hill is the 150 yrd marker, leading to another bunker laden green. Look high above for our red-tailed hawk, watching over you.

Hudson Valley Golf Course

Secured Beachhead

This uphill Par 3 with a tough run of bunkers plastered up the left side will naturally challenge the player to avoid the hazards.  Is Long bad here?

Hudson Valley Golf Course

Picturesque Danger

This is a great opening hole to our back nine, but don’t let the beauty fool you. Keep your drive on the left side of the fairway and find the uphill green in perfect view. Second shot is critical with a pair of pot bunkers, nestled into the front of this green.  

Hudson Valley Golf Course


This Dogleg Par 4 is still one of our favorites here. Completely blind green is just a shot into the corner of the fairway away. Watch going long as the tree line is OB here, again. This should set up a mid iron or shorter into this postage stamp, tree lined green.

Hudson Valley Golf Course

Great Depression

As you peer along this downhill hole it looks like it was carved out of the middle of a forest. OB on both sides of this tree-lined fairway- down the middle is the only way to go. As you reach the basin, you are 150 yards from the tiny green. No bunkers here, but this hole will command respect from every shot.

Hudson Valley Golf Course

Blocks’ Arena

A small round green, elevated and uphill the whole way.  150 yards of potential chaos, with OB left in the trees and a small trap on the left front corner. Careful now- flying over the green, here, is not a good choice.    

Hudson Valley Golf Course


Truly, a straightforward Par 4. Tall trees on the right offer pause, and OB in the top left wood area could keep you guessing. Put one in the middle of this wide fairway, it will surely leave you a short iron into this green. Watch the front bunkers and your next birdie awaits! 

Hudson Valley Golf Course

Uphill and Vale

The tree line up the left side gives way to our longest par 5 on the course. Keep your opening shot close to the center, with OB left and “Jail” to the right. A long demanding second shot still lies ahead, down this wide and serene fairway. Go for the green and get close… this green is one of our biggest.

Hudson Valley Golf Course

Turtle Shells

This hole offers a secondary set of Championship tees behind the lake, creating an over water opening drive on this last par 5. Down the left side are the turtle shell hills leading you to the elevated green. Hazards seem endless, OB on the left tree line and a plethora of water to watch out for.

Hudson Valley Golf Course

Pine Bough

Coming down the final stretch, this Par 3 is tough. A small green with guarding bunkers left and right, as well as a steep hill descending from the left and down to the right side of the green. A well placed shot is key. Center of the green or try sliding it off the left hill onto the green. 

Hudson Valley Golf Course

The Great Equalizer

The finale here at HVR is a long uphill Par 4 with trouble up both sides of the fairway and a surprise set of greenside traps.  Drive it to the top of the hill and leave yourself 150yds to the pin, with options to run it on, or fly it home!

Hudson Valley Golf Course Layout

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