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Hudson Valley Passover 2017

Join us for Passover 5777 with "Flakey" Jake, the man who knows 10,000 birthdays!

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Formerly “The Granit Hotel”, the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa has been hosting unforgettable Passover programs for more than 30 years and we’d love for you to join us in 2017 for a very special event- this year brought to you by "Flakey" Jake, the man who knows 10,000 birthdays!

You’ll love the legendary sumptuous meals, elegant parties and the spectacular Tea Room while participating in the many exciting Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed activities for adults, teens and children!  Enjoy two sensational shows every night of Chol-Hamoed, seperate singles and families seders, exciting guest speakers, and much more!

You'll Enjoy:

  • Low Early Bird Rates
  • Free Round Trip Buses
  • Special Sunday 4/9 Arrival (includes 3 kosher for Passover meals and a show) 
  • 2 Shows Every Night of Chol Hamoed
  • Separate Communal Seders for Families / Couples and Singles
  • Private Sedarium Available
  • Outstanding Chazanim
  • Excellent Guest Speakers, Lecturers, and Chazanim
  • Day Camp, Babysitting, and Teen Program
  • Arts and Crafts for Children, Teens, Adults, and Seniors
  • Bingo, Human Horse Racing, and the Not-So-Newlywed Game
  • Pilates, Russian Ballet, Martial Arts Classes
  • Zumba, Boot Camp Aerobics, Aqua Aerobics
  • Petting Zoo, Carnival, and Magicians
  • “Flakey” Jake’s Amusement Park with Rides
  • Makeup Classes
  • Israeli / Simcha Folk Dancing and Country-Western Line Dancing
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Recreation Specialist
  • Paintball and Laser Tag
  • Karoke
  • Singles Programming
  • 24 Hour Tea Room
  • House band with Moshe Antelis
  • Live performances by Mos Kiss and a Cast of Thousands!
  • Etc, Etc!! 

Special Bonus!  Each Passover Guest Will Receive a Blessing From a Kohane – From “Flakey” Jake!

Our Program Will Feature:

  • Glatt Kosher and Cholov Yisroel Catering by Reuven Osherovitz of Besser Foods under strict rabbinical supervision! 
  • Special keynote address by Dr. Amy Neustein, “From Family Court Reformer to Visionary Entrepreneur: Making Lives Better for the Everyday User”
  • Rabbi Abraham Kiss - Noted Columnist and Lecturer, New Hempstead, NY
  • Rabbi Chaim Szmidt - Host of "The Kosher Scene" internet radio show and Editor-in-Chief of "The Kosher Scene" blog
  • Gabriella Strauss - Biblical Author and Poet of "Noach: Stranded and Branded", "Korach: The Pit and the Petulant", "Balak: The Curse and the Courtship"
  • Jon Greenberg, Phd, Biblical And Talmudic Botanist
  • Rabbi Dr. Naphtali Hoff, noted lecturer, educator, and columnist  
  • Rabbi Gary Moskowitz -  President of Martial Arts Therapy, & Director of Macabi Film Productions
  • Sara Rose –Psychologist / Professor / International Lecturer, Master class dance choreographer- Russian ballet, pilates instructor, holistic spiritual healing
  • Mr. Israel Root, scintillating globe-trotting lecturer 
  • Shadchan Baila Sebrow, Internationally renowned Hollywood matchmaker 
  • Dr. Raphael Birge, the walking encyclopedia of nutrition
  • Jodi Basch, intuitive energy healer
  • Israeli Simcha Folk Dancing -with Faigee Sash
  • Linda Eckers -Recreation Therapist- country western line dancing, bingo, human horse racing, pictionary, The Not-So-Newlywed-Game, etc!
  • Deirdre Miller - Outstanding arts and crafts instructor for children, teens, adults, and seniors!
  • Neshe Antelis - Personal Trainer- boot camp aerobics for woman - zumba
  • Women's Aqua Aerobics with Sara Osherovitz
  • Top Notch Day Camp and Baby Sitting Service
  • Scott Eckers - Teen Program Director & crowd pleasing entertainer
  • Moshe Anteles - Guest host extraordinaire, musical sound director; guitar and bass lessons available
  • Mo Kiss - Stellar artist and musician, House Band w/ Moshe Antelis - Mo Kiss and a Cast of Thousands
  • Communal Seder -Conducted by Chazan Rabbi Abraham Kiss
  • Communal Seder for Singles  
  • Entertainment provided by: Entertainment director Gershy Moskowitz
  • Barry Brown - Photographer to the Stars, Brown Studios
  • Yossi Tepper - New Yorks's #1 Celebrity Videographer, The Video Maven
  • Fashion, Hair, Shaitel, & makeup by Chaya 

To Be Announced: A Spectacular Array of Talent!!

Call Year Round for Weekend Bar Mitzvahs, Sheva Brochas, Weddings, Shabbats, Business Seminars, Etc!

Join Us For Shavous - Shabbos Nachamu – The High Holy Days!

Call "Flakey" Jake at 718-436-0682 from 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM for complete information, or to book your Passover 2017 stay in the Hudson Valley! 

Pesach in the Catskills
Passover 2017 with Flakey Jake